Perfect UX Team for the Perfect Agile UX

The UX design and output that you get when working in an Agile environment depends largely on the team you have in place. Usually, an Agile UX project team has only one UX design expert, who takes care of wireframe design and whatever usability testing is possible. However, there will be no one to work on usability research, which is essential for creating an effective UX design. Even when there is an exclusive User Experience design team, the roles of the other members in the project are clearly defined and limited to their skill sets, enabling them to complement the Agile environment in a better way. So to ensure that you can create a cost-efficient UX design, the most important thing you need is to create an efficient Agile UX team.

A team that collaborates for better design

Every Agile UX project team has members with their roles carved out carefully to ensure that the project is delivered as expected. The team you create for developing UX designs in an Agile environment should have members who work together by complementing each other's skills and bridging the gaps that the other members' weaknesses bring in. One of the most important aspects that the team should rely on is to have as few secrets from each other as possible, to ensure smooth flow of the project.

For example, the designer should open up with his or her ideas for the UX project, get inputs from the team and obtain feedback from the project managers early on to ensure they get off on the right track. Experts recommend that the ideal, efficient UX team in an Agile project development environment should consist of the following professionals.

Agile UX Manager or Architect - The usability architect is the leader of the team, guiding and supervising the tasks of the team members right from the beginning to the end. The architect is the one that creates the vision of the UX design and handles responsibility of the design's relevance to the brand, the visual hierarchy of the design, the topography, the style and color, which play an important role in sending out the right message to the target audience.

Usability Researcher - Relevant information that comes from proper research can enhance the quality of the project which is finally delivered to the client. The UX researcher conducts a thorough research on usability, target groups, field studies which are useful in creating the perfect UX design.

Content Strategist - While the usability expert determines where and how the content will go, the content expert will play a crucial role in creating the right tone of voice to ensure the message reaches the target audience and derives the desired results from them.

IA/Interaction Designer - The interaction design expert will determine how the target audience will be engaged when on the website or using the app. The interaction expert also develops high-level, detailed storyboards and prototypes which help in effective communication and get input about the design ideas. The final design will be done keeping in mind the target audience, the kind of expectations and needs they have.

Front-End Engineer - The front end developers are the ones who handle all the technicalities of the project, while the UX experts create and fix the designs as needed. Front end developers are programmers who are often not given their due. Not only do they create the code, but also play a major role in optimizing the user experience.